Yoshida School

The Summer Math Camp followed by a lecture series in the fall semester is designed mainly for the first year undergraduate students at the Faculty of Science who are interested in pursuing mathematics.

Yoshida School - Summer Camp

Around 20 undergraduate students participate in this three-day summer camp taking place every year in the mid-late summer at Kyoto Seminar House located in the mountainous northern part of Kyoto. Two introductory lectures on various mathematical topics given by the participating teachers are followed by exercise sessions, where students tackle related problems at various levels of difficulty and present their results in front of everyone. The contents are more advanced than those of regular lectures on campus, and the students are literally immersed in mathematics for the whole three days. Furthermore, the barbecue party on the second night provides a rare opportunity for the students to interact casually with faculty members and graduate students who participate in the camp as tutors. Registration for the camp opens around July.

Yoshida School - Lecture Series

Faculty members who presented at the summer camp will then give a four to five day lecture series in the fall semester at the Department of Mathematics. The lectures series usually covers the same topics as in the camp, but in more depth and detail. These lectures are open to all students including those who did not participate in the summer camp.