Student Colloquium

As part of activities in Mathematics Unit, we organize Student Colloquium as follows, to facilitate communications among the graduate students.

  • The talk is normally delivered in Japanese.
  • We ask the speaker to prepare a talk accessible to students in diverse fields of mathematics.
  • We encourage the participants to ask questions at any time.
  • We do not fix the end time of the talk, though we ask the speaker to prepare a one-hour talk.

Even if you are not a graduate student, nor a Kyoto University member, we welcome your participation if you agree with the above purpose and rules.

In case the Student Colloquium is held online, we ask the participants to follow the procedure below.

If you wish to attend the Colloquium for the first time in a fiscal year, please fill in the registration form. A participant should make a registration only once, preferably by the day before the colloquium. Within a few days after submitting the registration form, you will receive an invitation e-mail. It will enable you to access our project site in PandA, via which you can join the Zoom meetings for the all subsequent colloquia in the fiscal year. As for "PandA", please see this page, and ask the organizers any questions.

Organizers: Soichiro Fujii, Masayuki Hayashi, and Tsuyoshi Kato.
For inquiries please contact Soichiro Fujii at  sfujii (at)