Top Global Course and Requirements for Completion

Top Global Course in Mathematics established within the Kyoto University Top Global University Project officially launched the registration of students in 2016 after it got its three pioneer graduates in 2015. For the time being, the degree “Doctor of Science” will be awarded upon completion of the course and, in addition to the diploma, a “Certificate of Completion of the Top Global Course in Mathematics” will be issued after screening.

Requirements for completing the Top Global Course in Mathematics are as follows:

  1. As a rule, the student shall spend at least three months in a university or research institute overseas with the purpose of pursuing research related to the doctoral thesis. The three-month period may be split into several parts and stays abroad during master’s course are also counted.
  2. A researcher from a university or research institute overseas shall act as the co-supervisor of the student, and the student shall receive research guidance from the co-supervisor on the topic of his/her doctoral thesis.
  3. The student’s doctoral thesis shall be peer-reviewed by the co-supervisor.
  4. The student shall obtain at least two credits (or an equivalent) from the designated lectures.


  • The co-supervisor must be approved both by the Mathematics Unit committee and the committee of the Graduate School of Science.
  • The designated lectures include Top Global Course special lectures given by Distinguished Visiting Professors and also ESL lectures that are scheduled to be available in the near future.
  • Credit equivalent refers to the case of a doctoral student attending and passing a lecture.